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5 secret steps to getting cut-up like a magicians assistant in a box

If you want to get cut-up like a magicians assistant in a box, you need to follow 5 steps that have been proven to melt fat like a shawarma spit!

The local supplement store fitness “guru” and bodybuilding magazines can make weight loss seem overwhelming with complex diets and magic pills, but the secret to melting fat is simple if you know the 5 easy steps and if you are consistent.

1. CALCULATE YOUR TOTAL DAILY ENERGY EXPENDITURE – Fat loss is just math…calories in vs. calories out. It’s a constant battle that must be faught to be successful in your quest for eye popping abs, but its not as complicated as you think.  Determine how many calories your body needs to consume in a day to maintain your current weight buy using an online diet calculator. Once your daily caloric intake has been calculated, you will want to consume less calories than your body needs. Minus 15 percent of your normal daily calorie consumption and you will have found your magic weight loss number for caloric intake.

2.  PLAN YOUR MEALS  – Now that you have found your magic weight loss number, plan    your diet based on your daily caloric intake. What you can eat and how much you can eat will be based on your fitness goals. If you plan on consuming 5 meals per day, take your magic weight loss number and divide by 5 and that will equal the number of calories that you can eat each meal.

3.  CARDIO, CARDIO, CARDIO – It’s time to start burning that fat. Walking burns approximately 300 calories per hour. Running, cycling and swimming all burn about twice as much as walking. Choose your activity and be constant everyday for 1 hour a day.

4. MAKE MUSCLE  – Building muscle will increase your metabolism. Muscle weights more than fat so don’t rely on the weigh scale to determine if your fat loss progress.  Your body will burn more calories maintaining muscle than it would if you were maintaining the same amount of fat. The more muscle that you can build, the more calories you will burn each day, so hit the iron and add some muscle mass to get lean!

5. PHOTOS AND WEIGHT  – As noted above, muscle weighs more than fat, so my personal experience is that relying on daily photos is a better way to track your fat loss progress than standing on a lying scale. It will also be a great reminder of all your hard work once you have achieved your goal of washboard abs.                                                                                                            


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