5 Tips for Vacation Beach Fitness

If your on vacation, the plan is to usually relax, destress and hopefully get some sunshine in a tropical place. Eating great local food and having some drinks are likley part of that vacation celebration and finding a local gym or a fitness facility isn’t always the easiest thing to do when trying to offset the additional calories intake when enjoying fun, sun, food and drink.

Here are five easy ways you can burn some calories and keep fit while on vacation.

  1. Walking the beach: If you’re a beginner loosing some weight or a shredded fitness champ, walking is still one of the best forms of physical activity. Professional athletes are known to train in the sand to give some extra resistance on the calves and lower body which translate into extra calories being burned each minute of walking. Whether you’re training in the off-season or using your metal detector to find a treasure, try beach walking in the sand for a little extra resistance and burning additional calories.
  2. Stretching: your vacation is probably the time to D-stress and reset from the busy life of work and whatnot.  Find a nice quiet part of the beach or a park to take some time to meditate and stretch those aching muscles.
  3. Hydration: The benefits of water intake are well documented and far too complex to detail in this article, but water intake has been noted to aid fat loss, organ health and keep your skin looking young. Use the free time on your vacation to work on increasing your water intake and create a healthy habit That you will continue once your dream vacation is ended
  4. Bodyweight exercises: these are exercise that you could do without finding a gym, requiring equipment or the use of external weights. Use your own bodyweight with exercises such as push-ups, body squats, lunges, Mountain climbers and even crunches to sculpt your body while on vacation.
  5. Pack your protein: stay lean, get your protein and save money on expensive breakfast by packing a shaker and your favourite protein powder. On vacations I have easily spent $30-$50 on each breakfast. Not always a healthy choice and can hit you in the bank account. Bringing your protein to the beach can help you save big and make big gains.

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